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From Malnourished to Somewhat Okay: a Weight Journey

Read about how this Reddit user gained 14 lbs in 9 months and improved their physique with workout advice from other users.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A photo of a 5'11" man showing a weight gain from 142 pounds to 156 pounds. A respectable gain of 14 pounds.
M/22/5'11 [142 lbs > 156 lbs = 14 lbs] (9 months) I went from malnourished to somewhat ok in 9 months but chest needs some work. Advices are welcome!
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Being malnourished is not something anyone ever wants to experience. For Redditor Acceptable_Cow_2950, they decided to change their health and physique for the better. In a nine-month journey, they gained 14 pounds and improved their overall appearance.

The Journey

Acceptable_Cow_2950 went from weighing 142 pounds to 156 pounds in nine months. They achieved this through a combination of clean eating and regular exercise. They exercised chest and triceps in one day to make it more efficient but realized they needed to do more cable exercises to work out the stabilizer muscles. This advice was given by another Reddit user, OlympicKingpin.

The Importance of a Chest Workout

Having a strong chest is not just aesthetically pleasing, but it is also essential for overall body strength. In this weight journey, Acceptable_Cow_2950 realized that they needed to work on chest exercises more. Chest exercises like cable flies, dips, bench press or dumbbell press, push-ups, incline and decline presses, and shoulder workouts improve chest strength and its overall appearance.

The Importance of Muscle Composition

It is essential to work out the stabilizer muscles as well, which OlympicKingpin recommended to Acceptable_Cow_2950. Improving muscle composition through working out stabilizer muscles helps prevent injury, improves overall muscle control, and results in a more defined physique.


Acceptable_Cow_2950's weight journey shows that proper nutrition and regular exercise not only improve one's overall health but also their appearance. The advice they received from other Reddit users helped them improve their chest workout by incorporating more cable exercises.

How did u do it ?

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