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Celebrating a Weight Loss Journey: a User's 65Lb Transformation

Follow a Reddit user's inspiring weight loss journey of 65lbs, their tips, and goal to stop being referred to as skinny.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A picture of a 6'3" male showing a weight bulk from 125 pounds to 190 pounds. A respectable gain of 65 pounds.
M/32/6'3" [125lbs > 190lbs = 65lbs] I celebrate every 5 lbs milestone by posting here. Now my goals are to get acceptable arms size, make that Steve Reeves V taper, and stop being considered as a thin guy. Hope at 200-210 lbs i'll stop being skinny.
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A Reddit user, ozzmosiz, shared their weight loss journey, where they lost 65lbs, and gained the motivation to celebrate every milestone. Their recent post revealed their impressive progress, with before and after pictures. The post generated over 200 upvotes, where other users praised their transformation.

The Journey

After reaching 125lbs, ozzmosiz decided it was time to make a change. They wanted to stop feeling referred to as skinny and started their weight loss journey by weightlifting, eating healthier, and being consistent with their routine. They attribute their success to celebrating every five-pound milestone, posting on Reddit, and receiving external motivation from other users who admired their progress.


Ozzmosiz shared their knee injury, which was a setback in their weight loss journey due to improper form during their squatting exercise. However, they were able to overcome this challenge by avoiding over-exerting themselves and treating their injury efficiently.

Tips for Success

Ozzmosiz attributes their success to consistency in both weight lifting and their diet. They encourage others to celebrate milestones to remain motivated, but not to be too hard on themselves if progress takes time. They recommend that anyone embarking on a weight loss journey take things at their own pace and avoid injury due to improper lifting form.


Ozzmosiz's journey showcases that motivation and consistency can lead to remarkable progress. Although their transformation was impressive, the user plans to continue their journey and reach an acceptable arms size, the Steve Reeves V taper, and gain further muscle. Their story demonstrates that anyone can achieve their goals with hard work and dedication, regardless of previous body weight or fitness level.

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