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Male’s Three Year Fitness Journey From Fit to Natural Pro

Achievement post of a male Reddit user who shares his weight loss journey that earned him an IFPA Pro card in Men’s Physique after bulking and contest prep. Learn how nutrition and workout changes affect transformation.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A picture of a 6'4" male showing a muscle gain from 190 pounds to 220 pounds. A net gain of 30 pounds.
Male/20/6'4" [190>220 = 30 lbs](3 years) Went from "fit" to natural pro in three years
Originally posted on /r/progresspics


Lucas, also known as lucasc93 on Reddit, posted an achievement picture of his body transformation. It shows how nutrition and workout changes can affect change over three years. He started out lifting for two years, but decided to fix his diet to achieve greater results.

From fit to natural pro

After gaining weight from 190 to 220 lbs., he began learning more about nutrition by reading every nutrition article he could get his hands on. The biggest change for him was cutting out junk food, and getting in enough quality calories. He had to start cutting carbs and increasing cardio to achieve the look he wanted in his after photo.

Training and diet details

Readers can ask him any questions about his diet or workouts, and also check out his Facebook page. He currently ocal macros are 80 f, 180 c, 300 p, so roughly around 2600 calories when cutting. In contrast, he eats about 4200 calories when bulking. He advises readers to master meal prep as it is time-efficient and helpful.

Readers' questions

Readers asked questions ranging from nutrition to his core workouts. He incorporated five pounds of chicken in a crockpot during meal prep. He recommends focusing on meal prep instead of snacking, but enjoys eating peanut/almond butter, protein bars, and Clif Bars. For his core workout, he didn’t share any specific exercise.


Lucas’s post serves as an inspiration for readers who want to change their body composition. His journey shows that with proper nutrition and workout changes, anyone can achieve their desired results. Readers can try out the tips that best suits their needs and body type to gain achieve success.

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