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M/19/6'2'' [169Lbs > 197Lbs = 28Lbs] 6 Months Body Transformation

Follow one user's journey from 169lbs to 197lbs in 6 months through their Reddit posts. Learn about their routines and diet choices.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A photo of a 6'2" man showing a muscle gain from 169 pounds to 197 pounds. A total gain of 28 pounds.
M/19/6’2” [169lbs > 197lbs = 28lbs] 6 months body transformation progress
Originally posted on /r/progresspics


Body transformation journeys can be inspiring to many individuals. One Reddit user, who has deleted their account, shared their 6-month weight gain journey from 169lbs to 197lbs. The progress was marked by their commitment to specific workout routines and dietary choices.

Routine and Workouts

The Reddit user shared their experience of hitting the gym consistently, focusing on strength training and lifting heavier weights over time. Along with strength training, the user incorporated HIIT workouts and cardio sessions into their routine to maintain overall fitness.

Diet and Nutrition

The user shared that they followed a high protein diet consisting of lean meats, eggs, nuts, and protein shakes. They also increased their caloric intake by consuming more carbohydrates to support their training and weight gain goals. There were occasional cheat meals, but they were consumed in moderation.

Challenges Faced

The user faced some challenges throughout their journey, including sticking to their diet, dealing with muscle soreness, and finding the motivation to continue working out. However, the user kept pushing themselves and celebrating small achievements to stay motivated and on track.


The Reddit user's journey highlights the importance of having a routine that works for the individual's body and lifestyle. They also emphasized the significance of consistency and self-discipline in achieving weight and fitness goals. While everyone's body transformation journey is unique, the user's experience can serve as inspiration to others looking to make a change. Trying out different workout routines and diet choices, while finding motivation through small victories, can lead to positive and long-lasting results.

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