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How This Reddit User Lost 64 Pounds in 3 Years

Follow the weight loss journey of Reddit user krabbypatty- who lost 64 pounds in 3 years by making slow lifestyle changes.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A progress pic of a 5'7" woman showing a weight reduction from 256 pounds to 192 pounds. A net loss of 64 pounds.
A progress pic of a 5'7" woman showing a weight reduction from 256 pounds to 192 pounds. A net loss of 64 pounds.
F/23/5'7" [256lbs-192lbs=64lbs] (3 Years) Still truckin' along but I'm happy!
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A Reddit user named krabbypatty- shared her 64-pound weight loss journey over the course of 3 years. Despite still being on her way down, she expressed happiness with what she has accomplished.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Krabbypatty- took a slow and steady approach to her weight loss journey. Instead of making all the changes at once, she gradually changed her lifestyle. She started by cutting her portions and drinking only water, then began walking and eventually running. She made few and small changes in the beginning and gradually changed everything about how she used to live.

Documenting the Journey

Krabbypatty- mentioned having few and crappy pictures of herself during her journey. She did state that she tried not to worry too much about documentation. However, documenting one's weight loss journey can be helpful as it serves as a reminder of how far one has come. One way to do this is to take progress pictures, which can be a big motivation booster for those on the weight loss journey.

A New Way of Life

Krabbypatty- mentioned that she didn't want her weight loss journey to just be a period of time where she lost weight, only to go back to how she used to be. She wanted this to be a whole new way of life, which is why she chose not to take the approach of going full force and risking setbacks. This mindset is essential for anyone embarking on a weight loss journey.


Krabbypatty-'s weight loss journey serves as an inspiration to others looking to lose weight. Her commitment to making small lifestyle changes and gradually changing everything about how she used to live has resulted in a successful journey thus far. Start by making small changes, documenting progress, and committing to a new way of life to begin your own successful weight loss journey.

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