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Focusing on Muscle Gain: a Weight Loss Journey

A Reddit user shares a 10lbs weight loss journey in 5 months while focusing on muscle gain.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A photo of a 4'11" woman showing a weight cut from 119 pounds to 109 pounds. A net loss of 10 pounds.
F/29/4’11” [119 > 109 = 10lbs] ( 5 months) really focusing on muscle gain. It’s not much weight difference but I feel really good about it !
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A Reddit user, xshinystickerx, shares her weight loss journey of losing 10lbs in 5 months. However, unlike traditional weight loss efforts, her focus was on gaining muscle mass.

Importance of Muscle Gain

Muscle mass plays a critical role in maintaining a healthy weight. By increasing muscle mass, the body requires more energy and burns more calories even while at rest. Additionally, muscle mass helps avoid the dreaded weight loss plateau that many dieters experience.

The Journey

Xshinystickerx started her journey at 119lbs and ended at 109lbs. Although the weight difference was only 10lbs, she feels much better after incorporating strength training exercises into her routine. She didn't count calories but made sure to eat healthier and focus on protein intake to support her muscle growth.

Dedication and Consistency

As with any weight loss journey, dedication and consistency are crucial. Xshinystickerx stayed true to her routine, hitting the gym 3-4 days a week and following her healthy eating habits. She encourages others to find an exercise routine that works for them and stick with it, while also finding a diet plan that supports their goals.


While traditional weight loss focuses on reducing numbers on a scale, a focus on muscle gain can provide long-term benefits to overall health and fitness. Xshinystickerx's journey is an excellent example of an effective weight loss strategy that works for her goals, and others should consider trying things out for themselves.

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