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From 145 Lbs to 109 Lbs in 1 Year: a Journey of Shrinking Stomachs

Read about ana48190's weight loss journey, and how she managed to lose weight on fast food and with no exercise. Discover tips on shrinking stomachs and metabolism boosting.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A progress pic of a 4'10" woman showing a weight cut from 145 pounds to 109 pounds. A net loss of 36 pounds.
A progress pic of a 4'10" woman showing a weight cut from 145 pounds to 109 pounds. A net loss of 36 pounds.
A progress pic of a 4'10" woman showing a weight cut from 145 pounds to 109 pounds. A net loss of 36 pounds.
F/23/4'10" - 145 lbs > 109 lbs in 1 year. NSFW
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Ana48190, a Reddit user who started at 145 pounds and 23 years old, successfully lost 36 pounds in a year. Her weight loss success story has garnered 260 upvotes and a lot of positive comments. Her post, tagged as NSFW, contained photos showing her before and after shots.

Diet Changes

Ana48190 was successful without going on a particular diet. Her own strategy was cutting her food portions, being mindful of what she drinks, and abstaining from fries. She gave up regular sodas in favor of diet cola or water. According to Ana48190, these changes eventually led to her stomach shrinking, which eventually made it hard to eat as much as she did. Ana48190 also mentioned the importance of eating regularly and drinking coffee in the morning with sugar-free creamer, which can help speed up the metabolism and stave off hunger.


Ana48190 did not do any exercise that entire year, but things have changed for her. After achieving her desired weight, she now occasionally engages in P90x workout routines. But, according to her, this is just an activity to tone muscles, rather than a weight loss strategy. From her post, it seems that her weight loss success story is due to her diet changes.

Tips for Readers

Ana48190 shared several tips to Reddit users who also aspire to lose weight. She reminds everyone that her approach might not work for them, but it‘s essential to respect their stomachs and eat smaller portions. For people who are not early risers, Ana48190 says skipping breakfast is okay as long as coffee with sugar-free creamer is consumed. She also mentions that coffee is good in speeding up the metabolism and could alleviate hunger. Lastly, checking weight regularly motivates you to continue and keeping old clothes is an additional incentive.


Ana48190's weight loss story is a compelling and inspiring example of how it is possible to decrease weight without cutting out everything you love. According to her, the change is all about having a sustainable approach and shrinking stomachs by consuming small portions of the things one loves. Her journey towards loss is a testimony that shedding pounds is not just about discipline, but also having the right mindset and belief in oneself. It is a great reminder that what worked for one person might not necessarily work for everyone, and everyone should find their own way.

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