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M/18/6’3” Skinny Fat Transformation: Losing 9Lbs in 10 Months

Check out Own_Abbreviations514's 10-month transformation journey from 196lbs to 187lbs, his workout and diet program, and his tips on losing weight.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A photo of a 6'3" man showing a weight cut from 196 pounds to 187 pounds. A respectable loss of 9 pounds.
M/18/6’3” [196 > 187 = -9lbs] (10 months) My skinny fat transformation so far
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Own_Abbreviations514, an 18-year-old Reddit user, has documented his 10-month journey to lose weight and become toned. He went from 196 lbs to 187 lbs, losing 9lbs along the way. His transformation offers insights into how anyone can reduce weight and achieve a lean physique.

The Diet Program

Own_Abbreviations514 followed a strict diet of lean protein, such as chicken and tuna, along with brown rice, broccoli, and oatmeal. He was on a 500-calorie deficit, consuming 2300 calories a day for 4-5 months. He gradually lost about a pound per week, leading him to reach a healthy body fat percentage. After that, he bulked up for about 5 months, eating a 200-300 calories surplus, consuming 3200 calories a day, and gaining 0.5 lbs per week.

The Workout Program

Own_Abbreviations514 focused his workout program on full-body exercises, aiming to hit every muscle group at least twice a week. He performed exercises that included deadlifts, squats, bench presses, and pull-ups. He also ensured progressive overload, gradually increasing the weight, reps or sets each week. He believes the weighted pull-ups helped the most on his back, giving him the above average shoulder-to-hips ratio.

Tips for Success

Own_Abbreviations514 shared his tips for losing weight and achieving a toned body. He suggested focusing on a clean diet, such as vegetables and whole grains, and maintaining a calorie deficit. Staying active with full-body workouts at least twice a week and ensuring progressive overload is also crucial. Finally, he advised having patience and remaining consistent with a routine. Success does not come overnight.


Own_Abbreviations514’s experience of losing 9lbs in 10 months is proof that anything is achievable through hard work and dedication. His diet plan, workout routine, and tips offer valuable insights that anyone can put into practice. So, if you wish to achieve weight loss and muscle gains, adopt a balanced diet with clean-eating, calorie deficit, consistent exercise, and progressive overload with patience. Give it a try and see the results for yourself!

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