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One Woman's Weight Loss Journey: From 180Lbs to 154Lbs

Learn how a woman used healthy eating and exercise to lose weight and gained it back during the holidays. Discover how she plans to get back on track.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A photo of a 5'9" woman showing a weight cut from 180 pounds to 154 pounds. A respectable loss of 26 pounds.
F/25/5'9 [180lbs > 154lbs = 26lbs lost] (~1 yr) gained some lbs back after the holidays. Hoping you guys will motivate me to get to where i was before!
Originally posted on /r/progresspics


In her Reddit post, user itsme514 shared her weight loss journey from 180lbs to 154lbs over the course of a year. She accomplished this by eating healthy, using MyFitnessPal, and working out regularly. She started with running and also tried the keto diet. But she gained back some weight after she stopped dieting and for the holidays.


itsme514 posted on Reddit hoping to get motivation to get back on track and lose the weight she gained. She's planning on starting the New Rule of Lifting for Women, which she will share with the community. This journey can be a great example to others who are still struggling to maintain their weight.


Many users offered kind words of support in the comments. Some shared tips and what worked for them. A sense of camaraderie is apparent in the group, which can seem like a positive and safe place to share weight loss journeys and progress.

Importance of Moderation

itsme514 showed that holiday weight gain is normal, and that it's okay to take a break as long as you get back on track. Achieving optimal weight requires lifestyle changes that are sustainable and long-term. Going on extreme diets or putting unrealistic expectations on oneself may be detrimental. It is better to focus on continuous progress and accept setbacks as part of the journey.


itsme514's success story is a great example of how healthy eating and exercise can lead to weight loss. It also shows the importance of support when undertaking a challenging journey. Her story is also a reminder of the importance of consistency and moderation. Finally, her story can hopefully encourage others to start their own weight loss journeys and not to give up when they experience bumps along the way.

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