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How to Successfully Lose 40Lbs: Personal Journey of a Reddit User

Learn from the journey of a Reddit user who lost 40lbs in a year and built muscles through lifestyle changes.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A picture of a 6'0" male showing a weight loss from 195 pounds to 155 pounds. A total loss of 40 pounds.
M/20/6' [195lbs - 155lbs = 40lbs] 1 year after making my lifestyle change, and 4 months after starting my muscle building routine!
Originally posted on /r/progresspics

Setting a Goal and Making Lifestyle Changes

The Reddit user, hoodihooo, has successfully lost 40lbs in a year simply through a change in lifestyle habits. He set a goal for himself and made changes to his eating habits, such as limiting snacking and avoiding sugary drinks. He also started incorporating physical activities into his daily routine.

Consistency is Key

Hoodihooo stressed that success in weight loss would take time and patience, it will not happen overnight. He advised to be consistent and disciplined in making healthier food choices, and in committing to regular exercise routines. Gradual and steady changes will eventually show results.

Muscle Building Routine

While weight loss was his initial focus, hoodihooo also decided to start a muscle-building routine for overall fitness. With regular weight-lifting and a protein-rich diet, he was able to see progress within just four months. Incorporating strength training allowed him to increase his metabolism which can also aid in weight loss efforts.

Seeking Support and Encouragement

Hoodihooo shared his journey on Reddit, seeking support and advice from users who were on the same path, and who had previously achieved weight-loss and fitness goals. The support system provided a sense of accountability, and pushed him to continue his journey towards his goal.

Take the First Step

Through discipline, consistency, and seeking support from the community, hoodihooo achieved significant changes. His journey is a testament that anyone can achieve their weight-loss or fitness goals if they commit to making changes and embrace a new lifestyle. Don't be afraid to seek support or to try new exercises, as it might be just the push you need to achieve your goals.

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