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M/19/5'10" Weight Loss Progress: 240Lbs to 185Lbs in 6 Months

Learn about a Reddit user's weight loss journey involving lifting and healthy eating. Discover the workout routines and diet plans they used.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A picture of a 5'10" male showing a weight loss from 240 pounds to 185 pounds. A respectable loss of 55 pounds.
M/19/5'10" [240lbs > 185lbs = 65lbs] (6 months) Lifting and weight loss progress
Originally posted on /r/progresspics


This Reddit user, BrutaLacerate, achieved an impressive feat by losing 55lbs in 6 months, as seen in his progress photos on Reddit. His transformation is inspiring, and his journey could provide insights for others looking for effective weight loss strategies. This article delves into his workout routine, eating habits, and supplements, providing readers with ideas for their own weight loss journeys.

Workout routine

BrutaLacerate's workout routine includes lifting at Planet Fitness for four days a week. He targets different body parts on different days with back/biceps/forearms on one day, chest/triceps/shoulders on the next, legs/abs/lower back on another, and either rest or cardio on the last day. His lifting routine played a significant role in his weight loss and muscle building journey.

Eating habits and diet

BrutaLacerate curbed his sugar intake, switched to drinking water, and consumed a healthy diet while staying within his caloric deficit. He aimed for his body weight or so in protein and usually had a post-workout supplement along with whey isolate shakes. In addition, he consumed foods such as greek yogurt, eggs, chicken, leafy veggies, fruits, peanut butter sandwiches, ham sandwiches, beef jerky, Pure Protein bars, and steel-cut oats, and avoided condiments. This type of healthy eating played a pivotal role in his weight loss.


In addition to whey isolate shakes, BrutaLacerate also had a post-workout supplement. Supplements, when used appropriately, can enhance one's efforts in building muscle and losing weight. However, it's important to consult a healthcare professional before adding any supplements to one's diet to ensure safety and efficacy.


BrutaLacerate's successful weight loss journey was achieved by combining exercise, healthy eating habits, and supplements. It's important to note that everyone's journey is unique, and what works for one person may not work for another. However, BrutaLacerate's approach to his weight loss journey could prove beneficial for those looking for a comprehensive guide. It's all about finding the right routine and sticking to it until results materialize. Though BrutaLacerate's journey may have ended, it's just the beginning for those who are motivated to follow his footsteps!

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