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25Lb Weight Loss Journey: From 190 to 165 in 5 Months

Read an inspiring weight loss journey of a Reddit user who lost 25 pounds in 5 months through strength training and calorie control.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A progress pic of a 5'6" woman showing a fat loss from 190 pounds to 165 pounds. A total loss of 25 pounds.
F/22/5'6 [190 > 165 = 25lb] since Feb. Sometimes breakups are for the best! Happiest and healthiest I've ever been.
Originally posted on /r/progresspics

Reddit user _annabananna_ shared her weight loss journey on the platform, inspiring hundreds of people to achieve their weight loss goals. She managed to lose 25 pounds (from 190 to 165) in just five months.

Breakups can be good for your health

According to _annabananna_, her breakup served as a motivation to make a difference in her life by focusing on her health and fitness. She achieved her goal with a combination of strength and lifting exercises, cardio, and sticking to a 1300-calorie diet plan.

Results of weight loss

The user shared her progress on Reddit, collecting over 700 upvotes and comments from fellow users who congratulated her on her success. Many users appreciated her transformation and praised her efforts, admitting that she looked great and healthy.

Positive impact on emotional health

Apart from the physical changes, the user expressed how her weight loss journey improved her emotional and psychological health. She revealed how happy and confident she felt in her body after losing weight.

Takeaway message

The story of _annabananna_ serves as an inspiration for anyone who wants to lose weight, be fit and healthy. Her success can motivate and empower others to take steps towards achieving their fitness goals. Overall, the Reddit post highlights the role of a balanced diet, exercise, and a supportive mindset in achieving long-term weight loss and healthy living.

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