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M/34/5'4 230Lbs > 145Lbs Journey: a 4 Year Gradual Progress

Discover how a Reddit user, canna-crux, managed to change his eating habits and go from 230lbs to 145lbs in 4 years gradual progress. Learn the diet and exercise he has incorporated into his journey to weight loss.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A photo of a 5'4" man showing a weight cut from 230 pounds to 145 pounds. A net loss of 85 pounds.
M/34/5'4 230 lbs > 145 lbs = 85 lbs (48 months) At my goal weight, now I just need to tighten it up!
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Weight loss journeys are never easy, but for one Reddit user, canna-crux, it took him 4 years to achieve his goal weight of 145lbs from his initial weight of 230lbs. Through his gradual progress over time, he was able to change his eating habits and turn his lifestyle around to losing a total of 85lbs.

Diet Changes

Canna-crux revealed that his success was due to changing his eating habits from consuming junk food to eating mostly meat and vegetables. He tried to limit his consumption of processed foods as much as possible, and instead, transitioned to eating several small meals a day instead of 1-3 large meals. He also decreased his overall caloric intake per day.

Exercise and Progress

Canna-crux mainly lost his excess weight from changing his eating habits. There were instances where he plateaued or even gained weight, but he eventually refined his eating habits to lose weight again. His current goal is to tighten up through regularly exercising, as advised by his personal trainer friend he's planning to work out with once he moves to a city closer to him.

Grit and Patience

Plateaus suck, and it took canna-crux some time to achieve his goal weight. He stayed focused despite the delays and eventually reached his target weight because he believed in his methods. The long-term approach worked best for him, and he hopes to continue maintaining his healthier lifestyle.


Canna-crux's journey to his goal weight of 145lbs was not easy, but his focus and steadfastness paid off over time. His dietary changes and a healthy lifestyle, which involves frequent small meals and reducing the amount of processed foods contributed the most to his weight-loss. Through his story, he shows that patience and persistence can lead to long-term success. It has inspired many others to take small steps towards weight loss, and you, too, can start these small changes of incorporating healthy meals into your life or exercising regularly.

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