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182Lbs to 132Lbs: Redditor's 50Lb Weight Loss Journey in 18 Months

Follow the inspiring 18-month weight loss journey of Reddit user Sverje, without signing up. Learn diet and exercise routines.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A picture of a 5'7" male showing a weight loss from 182 pounds to 132 pounds. A respectable loss of 50 pounds.
M/21/5'7" [182lbs > 132lbs = 50lbs] (18 months) The cut that i thought would never end.
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Reddit user Sverje's weight loss journey chronicled in an 18-month post has inspired many. Sverje's weight journey from 182lbs to 132lbs is a story of discipline, dedication, and hard work.

Diet Routine

Sverje's weight loss journey began with a diet overhaul. Sverje ate at a calorie deficit and focused on protein intake. Sverje followed a maintenance-calorie diet on workout days, which sometimes carried over to the day after a workout. Sverje advises against cutting drastically to avoid losing hard-earned muscle.

Exercise Routine

Sverje worked out merely two days a week but made those workout days count. Dumbbell bench press and leg press were Sverje's favorite exercises, and they helped isolate the chest with minimal shoulder pain. Sverje is a novice to deadlifts that Sverje has been performing for just a month. Sverje recommends focusing on exercises that do not cause unnecessary pain or injuries.

Overcoming Challenges

Sverje's weight loss journey was not without obstacles. Soreness and injuries were common in the beginning. Sverje suggests focusing on the right form and going a rep shy of failure. Moreover, soreness dissipates as the body adapts to the strain with time. Sverje also encountered a learning curve while learning to squat without plates. Sverje recommends experimenting with routines until any issues are self-resolved.


Sverje's weight loss journey is an inspiration for many. The routine took discipline, dedication, and hard work. Sverje advises against making drastic cuts and encourages readers to experiment with different routines. Sverje's success demonstrates that two low-volume workouts can be potent, and protein-rich diets can lead to significant weight loss. Sverje's journey is proof that anyone can achieve their fitness goals with determination and focus.

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