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A Woman's 20Lb Weight Loss Journey: From 145Lbs to 125Lbs

Learn about a woman's weight loss journey from her reddit post. Read about her progress, challenges, and tips in her journey to a healthier and happier lifestyle!

Article by Madeleine Smith

A picture of a 5'8" female showing a weight loss from 145 pounds to 125 pounds. A total loss of 20 pounds.
F/21/5’8 [145lbs > 125lbs = 20lbs] Feel a lot better about myself. Working on building muscle now!
Originally posted on /r/progresspics


A 21-year old woman has shared her successful weight loss journey on Reddit. Over the course of several months, she was able to shed 20 pounds, going from 145lbs to 125lbs. Her post gained 442 upvotes- inspiring and motivating others who are trying to lose weight.

The Journey

The woman shared that her weight loss journey started when she became unhappy with her body and how she felt. She decided to take control and embarked on a healthier and cleaner lifestyle. She started by cutting out processed foods from her diet and incorporating more fruits and veggies. She also tracked her calories through an app and incorporated cardio workouts, weightlifting, and yoga in her routine.

Challenges and Tips

In her post, the woman shared some of the challenges she faced during her weight loss journey. She admitted that there were times when she would indulge in her favorite foods, but she found that the key to success was moderation and balance. She also learned to be more patient with herself and not to compare her progress to others. She offered tips to beginners and suggested starting with small, manageable changes like drinking more water, taking the stairs, and tracking calorie intake.

Results and Moving Forward

The woman shared that she feels a lot better about herself now and that the journey was worth it. She even saved money by being more mindful of her eating habits. Now that she has achieved her weight loss goal, she is focusing on building muscle by incorporating more strength training into her workouts. Her post has inspired many others who are trying to reach their fitness goals.


This woman's weight loss journey is an inspiring example of how small lifestyle changes can lead to successful weight loss. It is important to remember that everyone's journey is unique and to be patient, consistent, and kind to oneself. Incorporating healthy habits while still indulging in moderation can lead to long-lasting results. Studying and constantly learning about our bodies (macro counting/tracking, studying of our eating habits) can help us to finally take control of our weight and health as well.

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