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Transformative 15 Pound Weight Loss: One Woman's 2 Year Journey to a More Toned Physique

This Reddit user shows that exercise and dieting can work wonders, as evidenced by her side-by-side comparison photos.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A photo of a 5'7" woman showing a weight cut from 145 pounds to 130 pounds. A respectable loss of 15 pounds.
F/27/5'7" [145 lbs > 130 lbs = 15 lbs] (2 years) - I started working out and dieting 2 years ago, I felt like I hadn't made much progress until I looked at a side by side
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Reddit user 137trimethylpurine embarked on a weight loss journey two years ago, and the results are impressive. By incorporating exercise and dieting, she lost 15 pounds and transformed her physique. Her before and after photos show how much progress she made, inspiring other Redditors to make similar lifestyle changes.

The Journey

137trimethylpurine shared her experience of working out and dieting on Reddit, and her post garnered a lot of attention. She revealed that she felt like she hadn't made much progress until she looked at a side-by-side comparison of her before and after photos. The images show how her body has become more toned and shaped, indicating that weight loss isn't always about the number on the scale.

The Importance of Exercise

137trimethylpurine's weight loss success can be attributed to her dedication to exercise. Regular exercise helps burn calories, build muscle, and boost metabolism. It also reduces stress, which can impact weight management. Through exercise, 137trimethylpurine was able to develop a more toned and sculpted figure. This demonstrates that exercise, paired with healthy eating, is key to losing weight and building a better body.

The Power of Dieting

In addition to exercise, 137trimethylpurine made dietary changes to achieve her weight loss goals. She ate whole grains, lean protein, fruits, and vegetables. She avoided processed and sugary foods, which are high in calories and can negatively affect health. By choosing nutritious foods and controlling portions, she was able to fuel her body and lose weight. Dieting can be challenging, but it's an important component of any successful weight loss plan.


137trimethylpurine's weight loss journey is inspiring and demonstrates that it's possible to transform your body through exercise and dieting. Her story shows that it's important to be dedicated and mindful of the food you eat and the exercise you do. Everyone's weight loss journey is different, but implementing healthy habits is key. If you're looking to lose weight or improve your physique, take inspiration from 137trimethylpurine's success and try things out for yourself.

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