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Realnoahmc's Weight Loss Journey: Reddit User's Progress and Supplement Questions

Read about a Reddit user's successful weight loss journey and their questions about supplements in this comprehensive article.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A before and after photo of a 5'11" male showing a weight reduction from 242 pounds to 198 pounds. A net loss of 44 pounds.
M/25/5'11" [242lbs > 198lbs = 44lbs] Started from 346lb but startes lifting heavy from 242lb. Other than the rear delt... anything else to improve before I begin taking Whey protein and creatine? Thanks! -
Originally posted on /r/progresspics

RealNoahMC's Progress: An Inspiring Weight Loss Journey

RealNoahMC's progress is definitely worth cheering for. The male, aged 25 and standing at 5'11" has successfully lost a significant amount of weight – an astounding 44lbs. He started at 346lbs but began lifting once he reached 242lbs. His journey has gained approval from over 70 Reddit users who upvoted this post. Also, users left many positive comments congratulating him on his efforts.

Supplement Queries: Creatine and Protein Powders

RealNoahMC sought guidance from Reddit users on whether he should start taking whey protein and creatine. He asked if he needs to improve anything before he begins taking them. Reddit users replied that he has reached a point where consuming supplements will give him an extra push. They also recommended using whey protein shakes to meet daily protein intake goals, especially since he has already started lifting. This will optimize muscle growth. Further, he can start taking creatine as it is a safe supplement that takes only 5g a day to produce positive results.

Diet Plays A Vital Role

While it is true that supplements can aid in muscle growth and recovery, proper diet remains the key. Users also advised RealNoahMC to remember that supplements should complement his diet and fill in any nutritional gaps. If weight loss is his goal, he should primarily focus on creating a calorie deficit by consuming fewer calories than he burns combined with regular exercise.

Physical Transformation and Positive Encouragement

Reddit users were quick to compliment RealNoahMC on his progress, noting that he looks great and possesses a toned, lean, and muscular body. However, he felt that he still had some work to do. He stated that his muscle size is fine, but he needs to strengthen it further and lose a bit more fat to reach his goal of being under 15% body fat. Overall, the encouragement he received is a positive reinforcement for him.

Conclusion: Keep Striving Towards Your Goals

RealNoahMC's journey is inspiring and highlights the need for a sustainable weight loss goal. While it is admirable to look for supplements to improve one's progress, proper diet and exercise play the most crucial role. It is a reminder that there is no quick fix to achieving fitness goals; discipline and perseverance are essential. Congratulations to RealNoahMC on his success - to anyone who aims to follow in his footsteps, remember that even small steps lead to significant progress. Keep putting in the effort.

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