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A 38 Year Old's Journey in Losing 40Lbs in 10 Months Through Running and Dieting

Read about Hades1029's experience in losing 40lbs in 10 months through running 5 days a week and measuring his daily calorie intake.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A picture of a 6'0" male showing a weight loss from 236 pounds to 196 pounds. A respectable loss of 40 pounds.
M/38/6' [236 > 196 = 40 lbs](10 Months) It's being a fun, worthy experience.
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Hades1029, a 38-year-old Reddit user, has shared his journey in losing 40lbs in just 10 months through running and dieting. This post has gained 74 upvotes and several congratulatory comments from other Reddit users.

Lifestyle Changes

Hades1029 shared that he has been running 5 days a week for 7 kilometers with intervals, and once a week for 13 kilometers with intervals. He also measures his daily intake of carbs, proteins, and fat. His daily calorie consumption as of the moment is less than 1500 calories a day, which he plans to adjust once he reaches his goal weight of 185lbs.


Through his hard work and dedication, Hades1029 has lost 40lbs in just 10 months. His Body Mass Index (BMI) is now at a healthy 26.6, which is significantly lower compared to before. He also received comments that he looks much younger now.

Encouragement to Others

Hades1029's post serves as an inspiration to those who are struggling with weight loss. Through his simple yet consistent routine of running and measuring his daily calorie intake, he was able to achieve impressive results. Hades1029 also plans to jump into the gym for tonification purposes once he reaches his goal weight.


Losing weight may seem like a daunting task, but Hades1029's story shows that it is achievable through discipline and consistency. By making simple lifestyle changes and keeping a positive attitude, anyone can start their own weight loss journey and reach their goals. It is important to remember that every person's journey is unique and what may work for one may not work for others.

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