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5 Year Weightlifting Journey of Reddit User Spitak Who Gained 38 Pounds

Read Spitak's 5-year weightlifting journey as he gains 38 pounds. Explore his workout routine and diet, as well as his thoughts on steroids.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A progress pic of a 5'11" man showing a weight bulk from 155 pounds to 193 pounds. A net gain of 38 pounds.
Cakeday! M/25/5'11 [155 to 193 = 37] (60 months with some fuckin around in the middle) + (455/285/495)
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Gaining 38 Pounds of Muscle in 5 Years

Reddit user spitak shared his five-year weightlifting journey with the community. The post shows a comparison of six photos that document his progress, displaying a significant transformation from 155 to 193 pounds. His journey wasn’t straightforward. Spitak worked manual labor jobs and eventually got a desk job that led him to let himself go. But, about a year and a half ago, he started training at home. Since then, he gained 38 pounds.

Workout Routine

Spitak detailed his weekly workout routine. He starts with deadlifts and shoulder presses on Monday, front squatting and shoulder pressing on Tuesday, deadlifting and shoulder pressing on Wednesday, and conditioning on Thursday. For Friday, he deadlifts and shoulder presses again, and on Saturday, he does lower bar squats, rack pulls, partial squats, and shoulder presses. On Sundays, he rests.

Diet Plan

Spitak does not keep track of his diet but ensures he eats more when tired. He loves Indian food and wings. He mentioned leaning down to compete in the 198 class, requiring him to lose more body fat.

Steroids in the Picture

Spitak admitted to trying steroids, and he is honest about it. When asked about his cycle, Spitak mentioned trying 500mg/wk of testosterone for 12 weeks but suspected it was underdosed because of its minimal effects. While multiple blood tests confirmed that the cycles were not effective, Spitak is determined to try a new lab for an upcoming cycle.


Spitak’s transformation over the years is an inspiration for anyone looking to lift and gain muscle mass. However, his steroid use won't be a fit for everyone. Spitak's journey teaches us that changing our lifestyles requires hard work and dedication. While workout regimes are essential, a healthy diet and cardio are also necessary. So, be sure to try things out and see what works best for your body, speak with a doctor before trying any steroids or supplements.

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