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5 Month Weight Loss Journey Through Climbing and Lifting

Read about a Reddit user's weight loss journey through climbing and lifting, resulting in a 24-pound weight loss in 5 months with a 22% body fat percentage.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A progress pic of a 5'3" woman showing a fat loss from 141 pounds to 117 pounds. A respectable loss of 24 pounds.
F/24/5'3" [141 lbs > 117 lbs = 24] 5 months. Started climbing & got back into lifting. ~22% bodyfat; time to build more muscle
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Reddit user lavender_sugar shares her weight loss journey, revealing how she shed 24 pounds in 5 months through regular climbing and lifting activities.

Starting Point

At the start of her journey, lavender_sugar was 141 pounds with 24% body fat, and felt unhappy and sluggish. But with determination and regular gym sessions, she managed to shed 10 pounds within her first month alone.

Climbing and Lifting

Lavender_sugar's weight loss journey was heavily influenced by her passion for climbing and desire to gain more muscle. To achieve this, she started incorporating weight training and climbing sessions into her daily routine. The combination of cardio, resistance training, and physical activity helped her not only lose weight but also build lean muscle mass.

Diet Changes

In addition to her fitness routine, lavender_sugar also adjusted her diet to accelerate her weight loss efforts. She cut back on refined carbs, increased her protein intake, and focused on eating whole, nutritious foods to fuel her activities and nourish her body.


Five months later, lavender_sugar's progress was impressive: she had lost 24 pounds and reduced her body fat percentage to 22%. But more importantly, she had gained immense self-confidence and found joy in her newfound strength and endurance. Her journey serves as a testament to the power of consistent physical activity, goal-setting, and self-love.

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