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F/24/5'2" Weight Loss Journey: 130Lbs to 117Lbs in 13 Weeks

Read about one reddit user's weight loss journey through her posts, and discover some science-backed weight loss strategies.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A picture of a 5'2" female showing a weight loss from 130 pounds to 117 pounds. A respectable loss of 13 pounds.
F/24/5'2" [130lbs > 117lbs = 13lbs] (13 weeks, with monthly progress shots in between). Only 3lbs down since my last update, but I'm officially down 10% from my starting weight! [NSFW -- undies]
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One Reddit user, who goes by the username "accountability_post", documents her weight loss journey in a series of posts. In a recent post, she shares her progress after 13 weeks, losing 13lbs, from 130lbs to 117lbs, and having reached a 10% loss of her starting weight. Her posts have generated positive feedback and comments from other Reddit users.

Weight Loss Strategies

The user's primary weight loss strategy is tracking her calories on MyFitnessPal, averaging about 1100 calories a day. She also runs 2-3 times a week, did Couch25k and is now running with a friend. In addition to running, she occasionally takes yoga and pilates classes. As she correctly notes, weight loss happens primarily in the kitchen. Using an online total daily energy expenditure (TDEE) calculator can estimate your calories and guide you towards your target calorie intake.

Motivation and Goals

Accountability_post's perspective has shifted towards a long-term vision of progress. She believes that changes may take time, but they are still happening bit by bit. This optimistic outlook has allowed her to continue making progress without being too harsh on herself. She realizes not everyone is the same and what suits her may not be suitable for everyone. She encourages anyone looking to lose weight to try different things, experiment with new exercises, and find what works well for them.

Toned Body and Strength Training

Accountability_post had a desire for a toned bikini body. One Reddit user suggested she include strength training with her running and yoga/pilates sessions for toning up. She is planning to do some bodyweight fitness training with her boyfriend and possibly Stronglifts to build some strength. In the meantime, the user continues with her current routine, which is already active enough, four to five days a week.


Accountability_post's weight loss posts on Reddit documents the disciplined efforts that have helped her lose a notable 13 pounds over 13 weeks. Her success was achieved through following some general, scientifically-proven weight loss strategies, adapting to a long-term, optimistic outlook, and having ambition for strengthening herself with bodyweight fitness and strength training in the future. Everyone is unique, and what works for one, may not work for all. Yet, anyone interested in weight loss or improving their health should be inspired to try different strategies, listen to their body, experiment, and find the best methods for them.

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