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F/27's 45 Lbs Weight Loss Journey: a Two Year Transformation

Join F/27 on her emotional weight loss journey with an inspiring transformation. Discover how she lost 45lbs, her routine, and her tips for success.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A progress pic of a 5'8" woman showing a fat loss from 190 pounds to 145 pounds. A respectable loss of 45 pounds.
F/27/5’8.5” [190 > 145 = 45 lbs] (24 months) I wish I had better before photos but has been a long and emotional process for me. Finally happy with myself
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Starting from a Place of Comfort

F/27 started her weight loss journey back in 2019 after college. She weighed in at 190 lbs due to drinking and emotional eating. For the first year, she didn't make many diet changes except not emotionally eating. She lost a small amount of weight slowly.

Adding Movement to Her Lifestyle

The pandemic hit, and F/27 found herself working at home full-time. To get herself out of the house, she started taking her dog on 3-4 mile walks every day. Short runs measuring at about a mile soon followed. Around a year ago, F/27 incorporated weight lifting and Orange Theory. She works out twice a week in high-intensity interval training (HIIT) classes, daily walks, and 2-3 at-home strength training sessions.

Taking Breaks to Sustain Progress

F/27 stresses that her weight loss journey has been slow, and she has taken breaks during the process. However, she believes that taking it step by step has allowed her to maintain her weight loss success.

Making Diet Changes

F/27 has counted calories throughout the past two years, trying to stick around 1700 calories on weekdays, and on weekends, she takes about 2000 calories. She notes that she made the mistake early on trying to stick under 1400 calories and had no progress; however, adding more calories led to her finally achieving her desired goal.

A Testament to Hard Work and Self-love

F/27's weight loss journey has taken two years and has been an emotional process for her. Without better before photos, she is still happy with the transformation that has come with a lot of hard work and self-love. F/27 says that she hopes her story will inspire others; everyone's body is different, and what has worked for her might not be ideal for theirs. However, she encourages everyone to try things out for themselves and experiment to find what works for them best.

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