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M/22/5'10'' [300Lbs > 180Lbs] 2 Year Weight Loss Journey Summarized From a Reddit Post

Witness a M/22/5'10'' user's inspiring weight loss of 120lbs over 2 years. Learn about the lifestyle changes that helped him achieve his goal and his thoughts on loose skin and workouts.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A before and after photo of a 5'10" male showing a weight reduction from 300 pounds to 180 pounds. A total loss of 120 pounds.
M/22/5’10” [300lbs > 180lbs = 120lbs] (2 years) Please ignore my horrible flexing attempt thx
Originally posted on /r/progresspics


Kenwaycreed, a M/22/5'10'' user, shares his 2-year journey towards a weight loss of 120lbs on Reddit. His post garnered 424 upvotes and generated some questions, comments, and congratulations from other Reddit users. In this article, we will summarize his journey, focusing on the lifestyle changes that contributed to his achievement.


Kenwaycreed shared that he mainly counted calories and stayed in a 500-1000 calorie deficit to lose weight steadily and sustainably. He did not have a strict training split or anything and mainly did cardio exercises. He emphasized that to lose weight, it is essential to think about your diet and reduce your portions. Kenwaycreed ate whatever he wanted as long as his daily intake was under 2k calories and burned 500-1000 above it. Later on, he started exercising a bit more since getting to that deficit without moving as much gets harder as you become smaller.

Loose Skin

When a Reddit user asked him about loose skin, Kenwaycreed admitted that he has it around his waist and chest. It can be annoying when he wears shorts around the waist since it usually lifts it up a bit as you can see in the picture he posted. While some people view it as a trophy, Kenwaycreed wishes he could leave this trophy on a shelf at home when thinking about finally taking his shirt off at the pool/beach.


Another Reddit user asked if he lifted weights the whole time while losing weight and if he was able to consistently make gains. Each time, he replied that he did not have a strict workout regimen, did not lift weights, and mainly did cardio. He advised to follow a routine that would help lose weight in a steady and sustainable manner without sacrificing muscle tissue you've gained. On another note, some Reddit users complimented him on his well-built legs, suggesting that he did not skip leg day.


Kenwaycreed's inspiring weight loss journey shows that anyone can achieve their fitness goals as long as they take it one step at a time. Counting calories and staying in a deficit are essential to lose weight, along with exercising a bit more as you get smaller. On top of that, Kenwaycreed's journey also highlights the importance of accepting loose skin as part of the process, viewing it as evidence of how far someone has come. If you're looking to lose weight, Kenwaycreed's journey may inspire and guide you to try things out for yourself.

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