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A Scientific Analysis of a Reddit User's Weight Journey

Explore the journey of a Reddit user who lost weight through a combination of healthy eating and exercise.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A before and after photo of a 5'4" female showing a weight reduction from 152 pounds to 122 pounds. A total loss of 30 pounds.
F/32/5'4" [152lbs > 122lbs > 125lbs = 27lbs] (20 months) Now to gain weight as muscle!
Originally posted on /r/progresspics


Reddit user 'notsogalpal' embarked on a 20-month weight loss journey, shedding a total of 27 pounds. Through calorie counting, healthy eating, and exercise, she transformed her body and is now focused on building muscle.


The user started by limiting high-calorie foods and eating nutritious meals until satiated. She then calorie counted 300 calories under maintenance until she got used to portion sizes, and finally began intuitively eating. Alongside this, she incorporated running, completing several 5k runs a month and a few runs each week, and YouTube dance workouts. She now engages in weightlifting, attends workout classes, runs a weekly 5k, and consumes a diet that prioritizes protein.


Over 20 months, the user lost 27 pounds, reducing her weight from 152 pounds to just 125 pounds. By changing her diet and exercise regimen, she transformed her body and improved her overall health. Through a combination of healthy eating, cardio exercise, and strength training, she built a leaner, healthier body.


The reddit user's weight loss journey demonstrates the efficacy of healthy eating and exercise for weight loss. Counting calories, running, and incorporating weightlifting and protein into her diet led to a significant reduction in weight and an improvement in body composition. By focusing on increasing physical activity and reducing calorie intake, she achieved excellent results.


This Reddit user's weight loss journey demonstrates the positive impact of healthy eating and exercise on body composition. Through a combination of calorie counting, cardio, weightlifting, and prioritizing protein, she lost 27 pounds and improved her health. The user's journey serves as an inspiration to individuals seeking to embark on their own weight loss journey, highlighting the importance of healthy eating and regular exercise as essential components of a successful weight loss plan.

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