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Man's Inspiring Weight Journey After Post Back Injury

Read about CandleSalty's impressive weight journey using his reddit post as reference. Discover how he went from 127lbs to 152lbs in just two years!

Article by Madeleine Smith

A photo of a 5'8" man showing a muscle gain from 127 pounds to 152 pounds. A total gain of 25 pounds.
M/36/5'8"[127lbs>152lbs=25] 2019-2021 post back injury
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CandleSalty's fitness journey is one that will inspire many. From weighing just 127lbs in 2019 to now an impressive 152lbs, he has come a long way. His journey was even more remarkable since he suffered a back injury that could have discouraged him from fitness forever.

His Progress

CandleSalty started his fitness journey after a back injury. He began weightlifting to address his back pain and soon realized he was packing on muscle. His weight gain was slow but consistent making him stronger with each milestone. From his reddit post, we can see the results of healthy eating and lifting heavy.

His Journey to Fitness

The road to fitness is not always a smooth one, and this was no different for CandleSalty. Even working out every day, he still battled being in a calorie deficit often, making weight gain slower. He also mentions his struggle with healthy eating, implying that it's not an easy road.

No Supplements Needed

CandleSalty's journey to 152lbs happened without using supplements, as he mentions in his reddit post. Instead, he claims to have eaten beans, nuts, and turkey meat, a great source of protein. He also believes in keeping himself motivated with small goals, such as tracking his meals and his progress, which is something anyone can try.


Following CandleSalty's fitness journey is a remarkable experience. His story shows that with dedication and consistent effort, we can all achieve our fitness goals, no matter how impossible they may seem. His journey is proof that your life change is just one decision away.

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