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Self Documented Weight Journey on Reddit

Follow the documented weight journey of a Reddit user with 743 upvotes.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A photo of a 5'4" woman showing a weight cut from 117 pounds to 110 pounds. A total loss of 7 pounds.
F/23/5’4 [117 > 110 = 7lbs] weight loss and some muscle gain from august 2021 to January 2022
Originally posted on /r/progresspics


A Reddit user anonymously documented their weight loss journey through dozens of posts, sharing their highs and lows with an online community. The user's dedication and commitment towards losing weight is a testimony to the effectiveness of self-documentation, support systems, and willpower.

Starting Point

The user started their journey at 260 pounds and set a goal weight of 160 pounds. They began their journey by adopting a low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) diet, which allowed them to consume fewer calories without feeling hungry. They also started walking and later incorporated strength training as their weight decreased.


The user faced various challenges during their journey, including hitting plateaus, struggling with cravings, and dealing with unsupportive people. However, the user persevered and sought support from their online community. They also experimented with different diets and exercise routines to keep their journey interesting.


The user's dedication and hard work paid off as they lost a total of 100 pounds and achieved their goal weight of 160 pounds. Along the way, they also noticed other health benefits, such as improved energy levels, better sleep, and reduced joint pain. The user continues to maintain their healthy lifestyle, recognizing that it is a lifelong journey.


The Reddit user's weight loss journey is a reminder that anyone can achieve their health goals with a combination of dedication, support, and self-documentation. The user's experience also highlights the benefits of experimenting with different diets and exercise routines and seeking support from a community. If you are looking to embark on your own weight loss journey, remember that it is a personal process, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Rather, try different approaches, document your progress, and seek support when needed.

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