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M/20/5'9" Goes From 128Lbs to 151Lbs Via Weight Training in 3.5 Months

See how this Reddit user gained 23lbs through weight training in 3.5 months. Find out the secrets to his success.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A picture of a 5'9" male showing a weight gain from 128 pounds to 151 pounds. A net gain of 23 pounds.
M/20/5'9" [128lbs > 151lbs = 23lbs] Weight training progress
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Weight loss is often talked about but weight gain is also a journey that many people embark upon. One Reddit user, SnooEagles469, decided to share his 23lb weight gain journey through a combination of weight training and dedication to his goal. Read on to find out about his amazing transformation that earned him 80 upvotes and positive comments!

The Journey

SnooEagles469 faced a challenge in the beginning as he weighed only 128lbs at the beginning of his journey. However, with his unwavering commitment to his goals, he managed to gain an impressive 23lbs in just three and a half months. His progress post on Reddit motivated others to embark on similar journeys as well.

Weight Training

SnooEagles469 reveals that weight training was the secret to his weight gain. Coupled with a proper diet and protein intake, he managed to gain weight through strength training exercises. He mentions that higher weights and lesser reps worked better for him than lower weights with higher reps.

Dedication Pays Off

SnooEagles469’s dedication to his goal paid off as he saw ample progress within a short span of time. His midsection genetics also played a significant role in his success. He advises others not to be discouraged and to push themselves towards their goals. With dedication to your weight outlook and good nutrition, you too can achieve amazing results!


In conclusion, SnooEagles469’s weight transformation on Reddit serves as a motivation for others who are looking to gain weight through weight training. Discipline, dedication, and consistency weigh heavily in achieving your goals. Weight training, protein intake and a healthy diet are other important factors that SnooEagles469 lists as contributory to his successful journey. It is time to realize that healthy weight gain is possible without compromising on nutrition – try it out yourself!

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