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F/26/5'0 [120Lbs > 98 Lbs = 22 Lbs Lost] a Journey to Sustainable Weight Loss

Read the story of catpretzel's journey to a healthier weight and find out how she made sustainable changes to her diet and exercise routine.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A picture of a 5'0" female showing a fat loss from 120 pounds to 98 pounds. A total loss of 22 pounds.
A picture of a 5'0" female showing a fat loss from 120 pounds to 98 pounds. A total loss of 22 pounds.
F/26/5'0 [120lbs > 98 lbs = 22 lbs lost] (6 months) Stopped eating pizza .. every day & started running.
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The Starting Point

When catpretzel started her weight loss journey, she weighed 120lbs and stood at a height of 5'0. She began by making small yet sustainable changes to her lifestyle, rather than going with fad diets or all-or-nothing routines. Over six months, these changes helped her lose 22 lbs and reach 98lb.

Changes In Diet

The first change catpretzel made was to stop ordering takeout every night and instead cook at home. She also removed snacking and cut back on sugar. To keep herself on track, she used MyFitnessPal to monitor her calorie intake. However, she didn't go cold turkey on her favorite foods, and continued to have cheat meals once or twice a week.

Incorporating Exercise

Initially, catpretzel began by running 3 miles a day but later switched to HIIT workouts for more variety in her routine. She chose an hour-long class format, which helped her push her limits while providing her with enough rest time. These classes mainly focused on bodyweight exercises, weight training, and cardio to promote muscle tone and endurance.

Tips for People Starting a Similar Journey

Catpretzel's tips for people starting on a similar journey are to make small lifestyle changes that can be sustained, focus on toning and building muscle rather than solely trying to lose weight, and not to cut out your favorite foods entirely. She recommends using a calorie-tracking app to keep your food intake in check and finding a workout routine that you enjoy enough to stick to long-term.

The Bottom Line

With patience and hard work, catpretzel was able to achieve her weight loss goal while focusing on sustainable and healthy habits. Her journey is an inspiration for anyone who is trying to make healthy changes in their lifestyle. Remember that healthy habits take time to develop, and everyone's weight loss journey is unique. Find what works for you and stick with it.

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