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A Year Long Journey: How Furrito Lost 105Lbs

This article follows the weight loss journey of Furrito, who lost 105lbs in one year through calorie counting, exercise and strength training.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A picture of a 6'2" male showing a weight loss from 300 pounds to 195 pounds. A total loss of 105 pounds.
M/22/6'2" 300lbs - 195lbs, 1 year (xpost /r/loseit)
Originally posted on /r/progresspics

Introduction and Background

Furrito, a 22 year old male standing at 6'2", started his weight loss journey at 300lbs, which he managed to bring down to 195lbs in just a year. He credits his success to limiting his calorie intake and incorporating exercise and strength training.

The Process

Initially, Furrito limited his calorie intake to just under 1500 calories a day and started with a bit of running. As he progressed, he started incorporating strength training, which he believes still requires a lot of work from him. Currently, he exercises 5 to 6 times a week and consumes around 2000 calories a day. Calorie counting and working out became second nature to him, which made maintaining his lifestyle change easier. Missing the gym or cheating on his diet made him feel guilty and unmotivated, motivating him to stay on track.

The Results

Furrito's dedication and hard work paid off as he was able to shed 105lbs in just a year. His physical transformation was remarkable, as evident in the before-and-after photos from his Reddit post. Furrito reported feeling a lot healthier, and his confidence-boost due to his successful weight loss journey was immeasurable.

Comments and Inspiration

Furrito's Reddit post had over 300 upvotes and a handful of comments, mostly positive, congratulating him on his dedication and admiring his transformation. Many users asked about his process and how he managed to maintain his weight loss regime. Furrito's contribution to the discussion has provided inspiration to many others, struggling with their weight loss journey, and identified the significance of healthier habits and consistency.


Furrito's story is not only an inspiring one but an excellent example of how hard work and consistency can pay off with tremendous results. The methodology of incorporating healthy habits with consistent exercise and strength training and discipline in calorie counting can serve as a blueprint for anyone looking to lose weight healthily. Like Furrito, anyone on this journey should not be afraid to share their progress and experiences for inspiration to others also seeking a healthier lifestyle.

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