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Weight Loss Journey of a Reddit User: M/34/6'2'' [285 Lbs >241 Lbs]

This Reddit user lost 44 pounds in 7 months by changing his diet and lifting weights, inspiring others to try things for themselves. Read on for more.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A picture of a 6'2" male showing a weight loss from 285 pounds to 241 pounds. A respectable loss of 44 pounds.
M/34/6’2” [285 lbs >241 lbs] 7 months from superheavyweight bber to classic physique
Originally posted on /r/progresspics

Introduction: From Superheavyweight to Classic Physique

Hopkins_jeremy87, Reddit username, shared his progress of losing 44 pounds on the platform. The user documented his transformation from a superheavyweight bodybuilder to a classic physique athlete in a span of seven months. The post gained 93 upvotes and over ten comments that expressed awe and encouragement towards the user's achievement.

The Diet Change

Hopkins_jeremy87 shared his diet plan with those who asked about it in the comments section. The user consumes 3200 calories a day, focusing on protein consumption from natural sources. The extensive diet change allowed him to lose fat on specific parts of his body that he had struggled with before.

Weightlifting Routine

The user stated that he had a passion for weight lifting before he began his weight-loss journey. Upon receiving his doctor's advice to lose weight, he began to take his passion more seriously. The user also sought out knowledge and advice from trainers, bodybuilders and other Reddit users on the right approach to his workouts. This effort paid off, as Hopkins_jeremy87's better-defined muscles and physique could be seen clearly on his transformation photos.

Encouragement to Fellow Weight-Loss Seekers

Hopkins_jeremy87's journey is a testament to the fact that, with determination and dedication, anyone can achieve the body they want. The user's aim was to share his transformation journey to inspire others who struggle with weight loss. It is important to note that the transformation was a result of a lifestyle change, and a feasible diet and exercise plan, rather than unsafe or unhealthy methods.


Hopkins_jeremy87's story is an inspiring one that shows a weight-loss journey can be life-changing. The user shared his journey on Reddit to encourage others to take up the challenge and discover their best selves. The key to success is to have a clear plan, workout, and religiously stick to it. The user's weight loss journey is a reminder to us all to take our health seriously, whether we aspire to end up like him or merely seek an improved quality of life.

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