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M/19 Loses 133Lbs in 4 Months with Calorie Deficit and Exercise

Learn about Negative_Fig_1787's weight loss journey and his extreme calorie deficit routine with scientific insights.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A before and after photo of a 5'10" male showing a weight reduction from 287 pounds to 154 pounds. A respectable loss of 133 pounds.
M/19/5’10 [287lbs > 154lbs = 133lbs] (4 months) I don’t believe in hell but it feels like i went thru it
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Negative_Fig_1787, a Reddit user, has shared his weight loss journey with the world, stating that he went from 287lbs to 154lbs in just four months through extreme calorie deficit, daily running, and daily workout at his construction job.

The Transformation

Negative_Fig_1787's weight loss transformation of 133lbs in four months is both astonishing and concerning. While weight loss provides several health benefits, losing such an enormous amount of weight in such a short amount of time can be risky. Moreover, one Reddit user pointed out that such rapid and extreme weight loss could harm his metabolism in the long run.

The Method

Negative_Fig_1787 claims he ate 800 calories a day or less and ran four miles every day. While he admits that such an extreme calorie deficit is not recommended for anyone, he recommends gradually reducing calorie intake and replacing cardio with full-body workouts. This can help tighten loose skin and prevent sudden drops in metabolism due to a calorie deficit.

The Danger of Extreme Calorie Deficit

A sudden and extreme calorie deficit can result in a loss of lean body mass instead of body fat, slowing metabolism, nutrient deficiencies, and even eating disorders. It is vital to consult with a doctor or a dietician before starting any weight loss program, even more so when the routine includes such extreme measures as Negative_Fig_1787's.


Negative_Fig_1787's weight loss journey may inspire some, but it is essential to note that his method is risky and not recommended. Gradual weight loss with a balanced diet and exercise regime is the safest and the most sustainable approach. It is vital to prioritize one's well-being above anything else.

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