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Female at 5'9 Loses 22Lbs in 7 Months, Sees Biggest Difference in Face

This progress pic shows a female who has lost 22lbs over 7 months, with the biggest difference being seen in the past 10-12lbs. She has also gained confidence back, which is evident in her smile.

A before and after photo of a 5'9" female showing a weight reduction from 249 pounds to 227 pounds. A respectable loss of 22 pounds.

This progress pic is from a female who is 5'9 and shows her progress over 7 months. She has lost 22lbs and has seen the biggest difference in her face over the past 10-12lbs.

F/22/5'9" [249>227=22lbs] (7 months) face gains have been a favorite of mine! Has given me a lot of confidence back. Definitely have seen the biggest difference in my fave within the past 10-12lbs or so. :)
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