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2.5 Year Weight Training Journey with Reddit User Patlook

PatLook shares their journey from roughly 180lb to 203lb with 2.5 years of weight training as a natural lifter aiming for powerlifting

Article by Madeleine Smith

A photo of a 5'9" man showing a weight gain from 180 pounds to 203 pounds. A net gain of 23 pounds.
M/21/5'9" [roughly 180lb to 203lb] (2.5 years training) + (B: 315lb; S: 500lb; D; 505lb)
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Reddit user PatLook has shared their impressive transformation of roughly 180lb to 203lb over 2.5 years of weight training. PatLook is a natural lifter aiming for powerlifting and shares insights on their diet, routine, and cycle.

The Journey

PatLook has been lifting properly for 4 years, but the specific transformation journey shared spans over 2.5 years. They share insights on their training routine with an emphasis on low reps and compound movements. Additionally, PatLook maintains a diet of 3,400 calories, 200g of protein, 350g carbs, and 105g fats. While not following a traditional bulk, they do eat slightly over maintenance and lower slightly if they put on a bit of fat.

Natural Lifting and Powerlifting

According to PatLook, they are a natural lifter and they recently decided to pursue natural powerlifting. They share that they do not use a cycle and maintain a healthy diet for their gains. Commenters question their claims, but PatLook emphasizes their natural status.

Delts and Shoulders

Many commenters praised PatLook's impressive shoulder and delt gains, and asked for insights on their training. PatLook shares that they prefer DB shoulder presses over OHP, and targets different parts of the shoulder with various frontal, lateral and rear raises. Rear delts are hit primarily on back day but are also targeted with cable reverse flies.


Reddit user PatLook presents an inspiring 2.5-year weight transformation journey as a natural lifter aiming for powerlifting. Their insights into routine, diet, and natural lifting can serve as a resource for anyone embarking on their own journey. It is noteworthy that PatLook's claims of natural lifting were scrutinized by some commenters.

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