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17 Year Old Gains 22 Pounds in 1.5 Years with Improved Diet and Workout Routine

Read about TNAEnigma's weight gain journey and the strategies he used to achieve results as a skinny teenager.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A before and after photo of a 6'0" male showing a weight gain from 139 pounds to 161 pounds. A net gain of 22 pounds.
A before and after photo of a 6'0" male showing a weight gain from 139 pounds to 161 pounds. A net gain of 22 pounds.
M/17/6'0" [139 > 161lbs = 22lbs] (1.5 years) Going away from being that skinny kid.
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TNAEnigma, a 17-year-old Redditor, has accomplished an impressive feat over the span of the last year and a half. He gained a total of 22 pounds and transformed his body from skinny to muscular. In this post, we'll delve into the strategies he used and the lifestyle changes he made to achieve his goals.

Focus on Working Out

TNAEnigma worked out five to six times per week and focused on two muscle groups per day (e.g., chest and back on Monday, biceps and abs on Tuesday). His workouts typically lasted 1.5 hours and consisted of around 10 reps per set. He also did exercises lasting 30 seconds at a time. Overall, he increased the frequency and intensity of his workouts.

Diet Changes

In addition to focusing on his workout routine, TNAEnigma made significant changes to his diet as well. He completely eliminated soda from his diet and significantly cut back on sugary foods. He ate more meat, vegetables, and healthy foods. He also drank more water and avoided juices and other sugary drinks. Overall, he focused on making healthier choices and reducing his caloric intake.

The Importance of Discipline

One of the biggest challenges faced by those embarking on a weight gain journey is discipline. As TNAEnigma mentions in his post, he allowed himself to indulge in sweets on occasion, but was disciplined enough to do so sparingly. He also maintained a consistent and dedicated workout routine in order to achieve his goals. A successful weight gain journey is just as much about mental discipline as it is physical.


In conclusion, TNAEnigma's weight gain journey serves as a testament to the power of consistent hard work and discipline in achieving fitness goals. By focusing on both his diet and workout routine, he was able to add 22 pounds to his frame over the span of 1.5 years. Although everyone's weight gain journey is unique, his strategies and habits provide useful insight for anyone looking to achieve similar results. So take inspiration from TNAEnigma's journey and get started on your own path to a healthier life!

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