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Man Loses 62Lbs in 5 Months with Keto and Gym Routine

Read one man's weight loss journey using a keto diet and daily gym routine that helped him lose 62lbs in just 5 months.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A photo of a 5'8" man showing a weight cut from 230 pounds to 168 pounds. A total loss of 62 pounds.
M/33/5'8" [230>168=62] (5 months) Keto diet, at the gym 7 days a week.
Originally posted on /r/progresspics


Shooperman05 posted a transformation picture on reddit showing his remarkable change to his body in just 5 months. He lost 62lbs with a ketogenic diet and working out 7 days a week. This article will focus on his journey and the benefits of both of these lifestyle changes.

Ketogenic Diet

Shooperman05 chose to try a ketogenic diet, where he ate very few carbohydrates per day to invoke ketosis, which burns fat reserves as the primary source of fuel. He limited his carb intake to less than 30g per day to achieve this. This diet has other medical benefits, but most individuals use it only for weight loss. The results have shown to be significant as discussed in this reddit post, and more information about this diet can be found at r/keto.

Working out & Routine

Shooperman05 worked out at the gym seven days a week in tandem with his diet. He would have high glycemic carbs only after a heavy lifting routine and would eat between 100-150g of carbs during backloading. Shooperman05 worked around the changes he needed to make and gave up on a lot of his past hobbies to make this gym routine work. One of his secrets was flexible time at work, which allowed him to work out and meal prep effectively.

A New Lifestyle

Shooperman05 gave up his free time to make the necessary changes which resulted in his weight loss success. He and his wife gave up watching several TV shows, and Shooperman05 gave up gaming as these were cutting into valuable gym and meal prep time which he mentioned took a considerable amount of effort. Shooperman05 stated that although the changes were difficult, he feels a thousand times better, which goes to show that the effort was well worth it.


Shooperman05 detailed his lifestyle changes in a reddit post and shared an inspiring transformation picture, showcasing what can be achieved with dedication and lifestyle changes. While his routine might not be for everyone, it's a starting point for those looking to make changes to their lives with diet and exercise. Everyone's journey will be different, and making small steps towards goals will yield results. With a little dedication and change, anyone can reach their weight loss goals.

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