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5 Month Weight Loss Journey: M/18/5'11" Successfully Sheds 24Lbs

Read about one Reddit user's journey from 168lbs to 144lbs in just five months - and how the next step is bulking up.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A before and after photo of a 5'11" male showing a weight reduction from 168 pounds to 144 pounds. A net loss of 24 pounds.
M/18/5'11" [168 > 144 = 24lbs] (5 months) 10 pounds away from my next goal, and then it's time for bulking.
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Losing weight is a challenging journey, but it's always inspiring to hear about someone's success story. That's what Reddit user [deleted] shared in a recent post that received 37 upvotes. The then 18-year-old user embarked on a five-month weight loss journey that not only helped them shed 24 pounds but brought them closer to achieving their physical goals. In this article, we're going to take a closer look at their story.

Setting the Goal

The user's journey began when they decided to make a change. They weighed 168lbs and felt unhappy with their physical shape. With the goal of losing weight, they started working out five times a week and sticking to a calorie deficit diet. The motivation was to hit the 144lbs mark, which they successfully achieved after five long months of hard work.

Experience and Challenges

Throughout the journey, the user faced numerous challenges. They shared on Reddit that they had to turn down invitations from friends to dine out, and had to decline junk food and sweets that were offered to them. Time management was also essential, as they had to juggle working out with keeping up with college assignments. However, their perseverance and belief in themselves are what kept them on track.

Lessons Learned

The user's weight loss journey taught them several valuable lessons. First, they shared that consistency was the key to success, and that by going to the gym and sticking to a calorie deficit diet, the results would eventually come. Second, they also believe that having the right mindset is crucial. By believing in themselves and trusting the process, they were able to block out negative influences and focus on their goal.

Moving Forward

Now that the user has achieved their goal of losing weight, they shared that their next target is to bulk up. They plan to consume more calories and work on building muscle mass. Achieving this goal will require a different exercise routine and dietary plan, but based on their determination and success in their weight loss journey, we have no doubt they will achieve this goal, too.

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