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Winter Blues Put a Damper on M/25/5'3" Weight Loss Journey From 258Lbs > 220Lbs, but Progress Remains

Read about the weight loss journey of a Reddit user who faced challenges during winter, their progress, and their plans to reach newer goals.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A before and after photo of a 5'3" female showing a weight reduction from 258 pounds to 220 pounds. A net loss of 38 pounds.
F/25/5'3" [258lbs > 220lbs = 38lbs] - Winter was hard
Originally posted on /r/progresspics


Plafleur, a Reddit user, has shared their inspiring weight loss journey, faced challenges and setbacks, and continues to strive towards healthier habits. Their post in the subreddit for Weight Loss has gained 190 upvotes and encouraging comments from fellow members.

Winter woes

Plafleur's post title suggests that winter made their weight loss journey challenging. Losing motivation during winter is common, and the cold weather can make exercising outdoors seem daunting. However, there are methods to help overcome this. Plafleur's progress showed that even minor setbacks can be overcome with the right attitude and persistence.

From 258lbs to 220lbs

Plafleur states that they had struggled with their weight for a long time, but managed to lose a total of 45lbs last year. Despite gaining a few pounds over winter, they achieved steady progress. In their update, they have reached 220lbs, which is a weight loss of 38lbs. They've also managed to fit into smaller sized jeans at their current weight.

Goals for the future

Plafleur shares that their end goal is to reach below 200lbs this summer. They further mention that they have not been below 200lbs since the age of 13. However, they remain positive and determined in their approach. They have the support of their fellow Redditors, who leave encouraging comments about their progress.


Even though the weight loss journey remains challenging for Plafleur, they continue to strive towards healthier habits. Their progress and accomplishments prove that small steps can lead to bigger changes. Winter may have set them back slightly, but their attitude towards obstacles inspires others to keep pushing forward on their own journeys.

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