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One Man's 40 Pound Weight Loss Journey in Six Months

Read about this Reddit user's journey from 260 to 220 pounds over six months, driven by a desire to see gains and attract more women.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A picture of a 5'9" male showing a weight loss from 260 pounds to 220 pounds. A net loss of 40 pounds.
23/M/5'9" 260> 220= 40LBS took me 6 months got tired of havin no gains and no chicks either
Originally posted on /r/progresspics


Losing weight can be a difficult and daunting journey, but for one Reddit user, the motivation to see gains and attract women helped him shed 40 pounds over the course of six months.

Starting point

At the beginning of his journey, the 23-year-old male stood at 260 pounds and 5'9" tall. He had been struggling to achieve his fitness goals and was tired of feeling like he wasn't making progress.

Diet and exercise changes

To change his trajectory, the Reddit user began making changes to his diet and exercise routine. He cut out processed foods, refined sugars, and started cooking at home more often. He also prioritized strength training and cardio exercises, such as running and biking, and aimed to work out five to six times a week.

Six-month progress

After six months of dedication, the Reddit user had successfully lost 40 pounds and reached his goal weight of 220 pounds. He shared his progress with the Reddit community in a post, celebrating his achievement and the newfound confidence and attention he was receiving.


While everyone's weight loss journey is unique, this Reddit user's experience is a demonstration of how a strong desire for change and consistent effort can lead to impressive results. By making small changes to diet and exercise habits, anyone can work towards achieving their fitness goals and feeling more confident.

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