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How Reddit User Jollyester Lost over 100 Pounds

Read about Jollyester's weight loss journey from 286.5 pounds to 179.8 pounds and find tips on how to start your own weight loss journey.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A progress pic of a 5'9" man showing a fat loss from 286 pounds to 179 pounds. A net loss of 107 pounds.
M/27/5'9" [286.5lb > 179.8lb = 106.7] (years) if I could do it - you can probably do it too :)
Originally posted on /r/progresspics

An Inspiring Weight Loss Journey

Reddit user Jollyester shared with the community how he lost over 100 pounds in a couple of years, going from overweight to fit. The 27-year-old male went from weighing 286.5 pounds to 179.8 pounds. Jollyester’s triumph on his weight loss journey is inspiring to many people who struggle with the same challenge.

Jollyester's Workout Routine

Jollyester started with 5 minutes of Ashtanga yoga in the mornings every day and lots of walking. After that became a habit, he added some bodyweight exercises and started lifting weights. After dropping under 250 pounds, he started running at least once a week instead of walking. Over time, he started to run more and more – he now runs six days a week. Jollyester lifts weights six days a week now on a very simple powerlifting-centered routine.

Jollyester's Diet

Jollyester’s diet included 45/30/25 carbs/protein/fat macronutrient ratios. He measured his portions by piling his food in a bowl and using the same bowl to eat. He had to reduce portions twice since his TDE dropped significantly with fat loss. Jollyester followed the GAPS diet, which helped him curb his allergies and clear up his skin.

Loose Skin and the Body Adjustment Period

Jollyester also shared his experience with loose skin. He pointed out that loose skin is a problem, but it gets better over time as the body adjusts. He also highlighted the importance of giving the body enough time to adjust before considering surgery. He used coconut oil to massage loose skin areas after showers and had seen great results from it.

Encouragement to Start Your Own Journey

Jollyester’s success is a motivation for others to take on the weight loss journey. Though his regimen was intense, an individual in the beginning stages of their weight loss journey can start with a simple routine and gradually increase their workload. Commitment and consistency are essential to achieving success. Tips like measuring your portions and having a diet that suits you can also make the journey more manageable.

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