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A Journey to Losing Weight: M/26/6'3''/202 From Bulk to Cut

Follow Nd1089's weight loss journey from bulking to cutting. Learn more about his progress, workout routine, and tips for success.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A picture of a 6'3" male showing a snapshot of 202 pounds at a height of 6'3
[gmbf] m/26/6'3"/ 202 coming to the end of a bulk.
Originally posted on /r/guessmybf


Nd1089, a Reddit user, shares his weight loss journey from bulking to his cut phase. The post shows his progress and fitness routine.

The Start

At the beginning of his journey, Nd1089 weighed 202 pounds with an estimated body fat percentage of 17-19%. He shared that he was nearing the end of his bulking phase and would begin his cut soon.

The Progress

Nd1089's post included an update on his progress. It showed a noticeable decrease in his body fat percentage. He also received positive feedback from other Reddit users regarding his traps but was informed to focus more on shoulders and lats.

Tips for Success

Nd1089's post showed that his hard work is paying off. He attributes his success to sticking to a workout routine, having a calorie deficit, and consuming enough protein. He also emphasized the importance of getting enough rest and sleep.


Nd1089's journey is an inspiration to others who want to lose weight. It shows the importance of sticking to a fitness routine and having a calorie deficit. Anyone can achieve their weight loss goals with a little bit of discipline and hard work.

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