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From 235Lbs to 189Lbs: a Year Long Weight Loss Journey

Read about MasterBlitzkrieg's successful weight loss journey that took a year to achieve - from 235lbs to 189lbs.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A before and after photo of a 5'10" male showing a weight reduction from 235 pounds to 189 pounds. A respectable loss of 46 pounds.
M/21/5'10" [235lbs > 189lbs = 46lbs] (1 year) It's been a long year, but a fruitful one. Nowhere to go but up!
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The Beginning

MasterBlitzkrieg started his weight loss journey in his early 20s, and weighed 235lbs at the start. He decided it was time to make a change, since he was concerned about his health in the long-term. He began to eat healthily, and also started a rigorous exercise routine. It was a challenging first few weeks, but he persevered through.

The Struggle

MasterBlitzkrieg found it tough to keep up a strict exercise regimen, but kept himself motivated by setting small targets along the way. He also kept a food diary to help monitor his calorie intake. There were times when he gave in to cravings or skipped the gym, but he reminded himself of his end goal, which helped him stay focused.

The Results

A year later, MasterBlitzkrieg weighed in at 189lbs - a loss of 46lbs. He admits that there were times when he felt like giving up, but he was buoyed by the improvements he felt both mentally and physically. He felt that he had more energy, and was able to focus better throughout the day. He also found that he was more confident with his appearance, which made him feel great.

The Takeaway

MasterBlitzkrieg's journey is a testament to the fact that weight loss can be achieved with dedication and commitment. He urges others to start small - make a few healthy swaps in their diet, or aim to exercise for 15 minutes a day. Over time, these small changes can add up and lead to significant results. He also encourages people to not beat themselves up if they have a setback - just pick up where they left off, and keep pushing towards their goal.


MasterBlitzkrieg's weight loss journey affirms the importance of perseverance and motivation. It is not easy to commit to a long-term goal, but the end results can be worth it. Small lifestyle changes can go a long way in improving overall health and well-being.

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