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Female at 5'6 Drops 48 Pounds in 7 Months, Sees Major Progress

This is a progress pic of a 21-year-old female who is 5'6 tall and went from 200 pounds to 152 pounds, losing 48 pounds in 7 months. She is close to her goal weight and looks great!

A photo of a 5'6" woman showing a weight cut from 200 pounds to 152 pounds. A respectable loss of 48 pounds.

This person has lost 48lbs in 7 months, and is now 152lbs and 5'6. They are close to their goal weight, and look very happy and healthy in their progress pic.

F/21/5'6" [200 -> 152 = 48lbs] (7 months) So close to my goal!
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