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A Reddit User's Weight Loss Journey: an Inspiring Story

Follow the weight loss journey of a Reddit user who shares their ups and downs on the platform. Learn from their experience and get inspired!

Article by Madeleine Smith

A before and after photo of a 5'9" male showing a weight reduction from 275 pounds to 175 pounds. A total loss of 100 pounds.
M/28/5’9” [275lbs>175lbs = 100lbs] (3 years) it’s been one hell of a tough journey, I’ve been overweight my whole life, and I can finally say I’m proud of the way I look.
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Losing weight is a challenging and often overwhelming process. For many people, the journey towards a healthier lifestyle feels daunting and unattainable. However, following the story of a fellow Reddit user can be an inspiring way to start your own journey. In the following paragraphs, we will share the ups and downs of one user's weight loss journey.

The Beginning

At their heaviest, this Reddit user weighed nearly 300 pounds. They were struggling with depression, anxiety, and poor eating habits that contributed to their weight gain. However, they took a bold step towards a healthier lifestyle by beginning to document their journey on Reddit. With the help of supportive users, they began to make small changes in their diet and exercise routine.

Plateaus and Setbacks

The journey towards a healthier lifestyle is not always linear, and this Reddit user experienced several setbacks along the way. They encountered plateaus where they didn't see any progress for weeks, and they sometimes gave into temptation and indulged in unhealthy foods. However, they were determined to keep going and didn't let these setbacks distract them from their ultimate goal.

Results and Accomplishments

Through sheer determination and a commitment to their health, this Reddit user made significant progress in their weight loss journey. They lost over 80 pounds and felt more confident and energetic than ever before. They also accomplished several fitness goals, such as doing their first pull-up and running a 5K race. These accomplishments motivated them to keep striving towards their health goals.


Following the journey of a Reddit user as they lose weight and improve their health can be inspiring and educational for anyone on a similar journey. From this story, we can learn that making small changes in our diet and exercise routine can lead to significant progress. We can also learn the importance of staying committed to our goals, even in the face of setbacks and challenges. Overall, this story proves that anyone can achieve their health goals with the right mindset and support system.

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