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"M/32/6'1" Weight Journey: 210Lbs to 180Lbs in a Year."

Follow the weight journey of Reddit user BuffGroot who lost 30lbs in one year, through his Reddit post. Learn about his workouts and diet routine.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A progress pic of a 6'1" man showing a fat loss from 210 pounds to 180 pounds. A net loss of 30 pounds.
M/32/6'1" [210lbs > 180lbs = 30lbs] (1 year) Even tho it wasn't the beginning of my journey at 245, 1 year apart keeps me hopeful for the next year.
Originally posted on /r/progresspics


BuffGroot posted his successful weight loss journey on Reddit that received 164 upvotes and positive comments. Losing weight is not easy, but he managed to lose 30lbs from 210lbs to 180lbs in a year.


BuffGroot designed a multi-phase variable routine that he followed consistently for 1.5 years. He incorporated weightlifting to increase his strength and use his own body weight to train. His exercise routine was challenging but achievable.


BuffGroot ate what he wanted, except processed sugars and in a calorie deficit. He avoided excessive limitations and counting macros, which is necessary when competing or aiming for specific targets, and kept his diet simple yet healthy. He believed that dieting should not be hard if the goal is to stay healthy.


BuffGroot's weight loss journey inspired many Reddit users. One user even commented that BuffGroot's body is now their body goal. His success story serves as an inspiration for those who are trying to lose weight.


BuffGroot's weight loss journey proves that with consistency, exercise, and healthy eating habits, weight loss is achievable. His journey serves as a reminder that weight loss should be a priority towards a healthier lifestyle. Combining diet and exercise routines that suit the needs and capabilities of individuals, can help them achieve their desired body weight and healthier lifestyle.

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