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How This Reddit User Lost 25Lbs in 6 Months with a Consistent Caloric Deficit Approach

Read about one man's weight loss journey from 165lbs to 140lbs and how he achieved his goals through a calorie deficit approach.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A photo of a 5'5" man showing a weight cut from 165 pounds to 140 pounds. A total loss of 25 pounds.
M/35/5'5" [165lbs > 140lbs = 25lbs] (6 months) Fewling much better and still much more work to go!
Originally posted on /r/progresspics


Reddit user, Repulsive-Fun-1275, shared his 25lb weight loss journey in 6 months, going from 165lbs to 140lbs. His approach to achieving this goal was to stay consistent with his calorie deficit and protein-rich meals while doing weightlifting 5 days a week.

Calorie Deficit Approach

Repulsive-Fun-1275's weight loss success was primarily due to his consistent calorie deficit approach. He ate no more than 1500 calories a day, and some days he ate about 1800 protein calories. This approach is backed by scientific research as a calorie deficit is necessary for weight loss. To achieve this, one can either eat fewer calories or burn more calories than they consume. Doing both is the best way to lose weight.

Protein-Rich Meals

In addition to calorie counting, Repulsive-Fun-1275 focused on protein-rich meals that helped him stay full and prevented muscle loss during weight loss. High protein also helped him build more muscle mass during his weightlifting sessions. Foods like chicken, fish, nuts, and legumes provide ample protein while being low in calories.

Weightlifting and Consistency

Weightlifting was an essential part of Repulsive-Fun-1275's weight loss journey as it helped him build more muscle mass while burning calories. This approach is backed by research as muscle burns more calories at rest than fat. Consistency was key to his success as he maintained his calorie deficit approach and weightlifting regime for 6 months straight.


Repulsive-Fun-1275's weight loss success is a testament to how simple approaches like calorie counting, protein-rich meals, weightlifting, and consistency can make a significant difference. These methods are backed by scientific research and can be adopted by anyone looking to lose weight. However, it's best to consult a healthcare professional before embarking on any significant lifestyle changes.

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