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F/26/5'8 [203Lb > 170Lb = 33 Lbs] (4.5 Months) the Weight Loss Journey of Efficient Doughnut24

Follow the story of reddit user Efficient-Doughnut24, who lost 33 lbs in 4.5 months through calorie counting and exercise to achieve a healthier, fitter self.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A progress pic of a 5'8" woman showing a fat loss from 203 pounds to 170 pounds. A total loss of 33 pounds.
F/26/5'8 [203lb > 170lb = 33 lbs] (4.5 months) Posting once a month is keeping me accountable! In the last 30 days, I started casually lifting and indoor rock climbing while eating at maintenance. Excited to see my collarbones and quad definition again!
Originally posted on /r/progresspics


Efficient-Doughnut24 is a Reddit user who shared on the subreddit, r/progresspics, how she lost 33 lbs (203 lb to 170 lb) in just 4.5 months. Her post became a hit, gathering 858 upvotes and a slew of comments for her incredible transformation.

The Journey

Efficient-Doughnut24 achieved her weight loss goal through calorie counting and exercise. She diligently recorded everything she ate, maintaining a 750-calorie deficit per day. Eventually, she incorporated exercise into her lifestyle gradually, starting with 80 minutes of pure cardio every day, then shifting to walking on the treadmill, doing bodyweight HIIT, and interval training on the stair climber. Recently, Efficient-Doughnut24 started lifting weights and rock climbing, which helped her build muscle and achieve her ideal weight.

Accountability is Key

Efficient-Doughnut24 credits her success to accountability. She revealed that posting on r/progresspics monthly kept her accountable, reminding her of where she started, where she wants to be, and the progress she's made. Efficient-Doughnut24 also noted that accountability does not only come from social media. She also recommends finding an exercise buddy or a coach who will help, correct, and encourage throughout the weight-loss journey.

The Benefits

Efficient-Doughnut24's incredible weight loss did more than just transform her body. She also experienced mental and physical benefits such as increased confidence, better quality of sleep, and relief from knee pain. Furthermore, Efficient-Doughnut24's post and progress inspired many Redditors, as seen in the comments section of her post, which flooded her with words of encouragement and shared their experiences.


Efficient-Doughnut24's journey is proof that achieving a healthier, fitter self is possible through determination, accountability, and making sustainable habits. Her experience also shows that calorie counting and exercise can lead to not just a transformed body but also a better quality of life. In conclusion, Efficient-Doughnut24 encourages everyone to try things out for themselves, find what works, and make it part of their daily routine, making a healthier and fitter self more achievable than ever.

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