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F/22/5’5 [198 > 150 = 48Lbs] 4 Year Weight Journey Success Story

Read the inspiring 4-year weight loss journey of a Reddit user named Lunaaflores who lost 48lbs from 198lbs to 150lbs.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A progress pic of a 5'5" woman showing a fat loss from 198 pounds to 150 pounds. A respectable loss of 48 pounds.
F/22/5’5 [198 > 150 = 48lbs] Left photo is me at 18 (I started my weight loss journey a few months later) and the right is me now, at 22. I gained a few lbs during quarantine but I can’t believe how far I’ve gotten.
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Lunaaflores, a female Reddit user, shared her 4-year inspiring weight loss journey after losing 48lbs from 198lbs to 150lbs. Her post, which includes a before-after photo, garnered 322 upvotes and several positive comments. She started her weight loss journey when she was 18, and now at 22, she's proud of what she has accomplished.

Lunaaflores' Journey

Lunaaflores' weight loss journey involved changing her diet and incorporating physical activities. She cut down her consumption of processed foods, sugary drinks, and added more vegetables to her diet. Also, she made sure to eat in moderation and avoided skipping meals. She also started working out regularly, doing a combination of cardio and strength training exercises. And after months of consistent hard work, she began to see positive results, which encouraged her to stick to her routine.

Challenges and Motivation

Of course, Lunaaflores' weight loss journey wasn't all smooth sailing. She experienced setbacks and moments of doubt along the way, especially when she gained a few pounds during quarantine. However, she did not let that discourage her, and she kept on pushing. Lunaaflores' motivation came from seeing incremental positive changes in her body, feeling more energetic, and improving her overall health.

Takeaways For You

Lunaaflores' journey serves as an inspiration, and there are plenty of takeaways for anyone who wishes to embark on their weight loss journey. Firstly, consistency is key. Without consistency, it's hard to see progress. Second, small changes can make a significant impact. Lunaaflores did not make a drastic change to her lifestyle overnight. Instead, she made small changes to her diet and gradually increased her physical activity. Finally, don't lose hope. Sticking to a weight loss journey requires patience, dedication, and, most importantly, self-love. The journey is not just about losing weight; it's about improving one's self-worth.


Lunaaflores' post serves as a reminder that weight loss journeys are difficult but not impossible. With the right mindset, consistency, and small changes to one's lifestyle, anyone can achieve their weight loss goals. Don't be afraid to start small, take baby steps, and realize that the journey is not linear. If Lunaaflores can do it, so can you.

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