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Amazing Weight Journey: M/33/5'7" [240 > 153 = 87]

Follow Thatoneguy5555555's incredible weight loss journey from being overweight to getting in shape, without any gimmicks or fads.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A picture of a 5'7" male showing a weight loss from 240 pounds to 153 pounds. A total loss of 87 pounds.
M/33/5'7" [240 > 153 = -87] went from way overweight in my late 20s to 135 to learning to really eat
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Follow the weight loss journey of a man named Thatoneguy5555555 on Reddit, who went from being overweight and out of shape to getting fit and healthy without any fads or gimmicks.

The Transformation

Thatoneguy5555555's weight journey began in his late 20s when he tipped the scales at 240 pounds. He has since lost a whopping 87 pounds, weighing in at 153. His secret is simple - dedication and consistency. He worked out seven days a week, although he stressed that nutrition played a more significant role in his weight loss, rather than his exercise routine.

The Nutritional Plan

Thatoneguy5555555 eats six times a day, and his diet varies from day to day, but a typical day would look like this: breakfast of one cup of oatmeal and one serving of granola, one cup of egg whites, and two slices of rye bread with jam. He drinks hot chocolate for breakfast. He has two scoops of protein powder for his first snack, followed by a lunch of Wendy's single no cheese burger and water to drink. For his second snack, he has a can of tuna with two slices of rye and mayo for a sandwich. Dinner is eight ounces of ground beef seasoned with taco seasonings and a bag of frozen veggies from Walmart/Kroger, coming in at around 100 calories. He drinks a scoop of protein powder in 12 oz water for his evening snack and hot chocolate again.

The Exercise Routine

Thatoneguy5555555's exercise routine is as robust as his nutritional plan. For his Chest routine, he does Upper chest flys, Mid chest fly, Lower chest fly, Chest press, Weighted dips, Push-ups, and Archer push-ups. He includes a range of bicep curls, tricep pushdowns, pull-ups, and rows for his back. For his legs, he does Sumo deadlifts, Romanian deadlifts, Bulgarian split squats, and Side lunges. Lastly, he focuses on his shoulders with Seated shoulder press, Front and Laying rear lat raise, and Landmine.

Final Thoughts

Instead of fad diets and quick fixes, Thatoneguy5555555's journey highlights the importance of dedication and consistency in achieving your weight goals. He stresses that having a plan and trusting the process is key, and encourages people to try things out for themselves. His advice is to focus more on nutrition and less on exercise, and to stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle, rather than following any fads.

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