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M/25/5'9'': a 7 Year Transformation of Weight Gain Progress (+37Lbs) Reddit User Reveals

A Reddit user with username KingofPancakes7 shares his weight gain journey & transformation over 7 years from 125lbs to 162lbs while building muscle. Read more.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A photo of a 5'9" man showing a weight bulk from 125 pounds to 190 pounds. A respectable gain of 65 pounds.
M/25/5'9" [125lbs > 190lbs > 162lbs = 37lbs] Weight gain progress
Originally posted on /r/progresspics


One Reddit user with the username KingofPancakes7 has undertaken an incredible 7-year transformation, progressing through different stages of weight gain while building muscle. Here's a look at the user's inspiring progress journey, inspiring others to try it on their own.

From Skinny to Chunky

Starting from a skinny frame of 125lbs, KingofPancakes7 underwent a dirty bulk and achieved a hefty gain of 190lbs. The second picture reflects the time off he had to take for his MCAT exam but maintained his high appetite. During this period, KingofPancakes7 observed that he could go from skinny to chunky given the high genetic setpoint, but this did not deter him from continuing his fitness journey.

Dialling in Nutrition

After reaching his desired weight limit, KingofPancakes7 began dialling in his nutrition, resulting in a steady weight loss over the past year, transforming his physique to a leaner 161-163lbs. With strength and hypertrophy his current goal, he successfully cut from 185lbs to 160lbs while still retaining his gym strength.

Appearance & Hard Work

KingofPancakes7's gains and shred are impressive, with his efforts shining through over the period of transformation. The hard work and dedication paid off. The user's inspiring story validates the fact that with grit, determination, and consistency, everyone can achieve their fitness goals.


The journey towards a fitter and healthier lifestyle is unique to every individual, but KingofPancakes7's story is one that highlights the possibility of a steady transformation. Whether it's achieving significant gains, maintaining proper nutrition, or shedding weight, the key is to remain consistent and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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