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5 Months Weight Loss Journey: How Reddit User Kiragothacked Lost 31 Pounds

Read about how Reddit user Kiragothacked lost 31 pounds in 5 months without supplements, dealt with hair loss, and managed to indulge in treats without gaining weight.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A picture of a 5'2" female showing a weight loss from 150 pounds to 119 pounds. A net loss of 31 pounds.
F/19/5'2" [150 lbs > 119 lbs = 31 lbs] (5 months) I am finally at my goal weight!
Originally posted on /r/progresspics

Kiragothacked's Goal Weight Journey

Kiragothacked, a 19-year-old female weighing 150 lbs at 5'2', began her weight loss journey in 2020. Five months later, she achieved her goal of 119 lbs and shared her experience on Reddit. Her post garnered 897 upvotes and inspired others to start their own journey.

No Supplements, Just Counting Calories

Kiragothacked didn't use any supplements for her weight loss. Instead, she counted her calories and ate fewer junk foods while incorporating more clean foods. She also went vegan. She admitted to slacking a little on counting calories towards the end of her journey but still managed to drop the weight.

Cheat Meals and Weight Fluctuation

Kiragothacked allowed herself to indulge in foods and drinks when going out with friends. She didn't count calories for alcohol and food during these times but would wait two to three days after going out to step on the scale. This allowed her to avoid water weight and fluctuations.

Dealing with Hair Loss

Kiragothacked experienced hair loss, but only for a month or two. She attributed this to the restricted calories she was consuming during her weight loss journey. She switched to taking multivitamins to help balance her diet while remaining vegan.

Staying Positive and Focused on Recovery

Kiragothacked revealed she was battling a binge eating disorder that contributed to her initial weight. Achieving her healthy goal weight has given her hope for recovery. While she's proud of her transformation, she's more focused on staying the course and maintaining her healthy weight as part of her journey towards self-care.

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